NoMo Robot Vacuum

The Ultimate Hands-free Vacuuming Solution!

Automatic Dirt Collecting & Disposal

Neabot automatically transfers the dirt collected from the robot into the bag-lined dustbin without you having to touch the mess.

Unbeatable Suction Power of 2700 Pa

Neabot can easily carry out more heavy cleaning tasks for you with its unbeatable suction power.

Two side brushes and a roller brush effectively loosen, extract, and vacuum dirt to give a superior clean.

Multiple Vacuuming Modes Fits All You Needs

Utilized 3 levels of suction power including Silent, Regular, and Crazy modes, Neabot easily tackles any mess whether for regular or deeper cleaning.

Built for a Deeper Carpet Clean

Neabot comes with smart carpet identification that recognizes carpet flooring and automatically boosts the suction to provide deeper cleaning.

Intelligent Mapping and Routing

Neabot smartly maps and learns your home to plan the best cleaning route possible. Precision laser navigation ensures every spot of your floor is clean, and no spot is missed while treating walls and obstacles gently.


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