SuperCap 2 Jump Starter

The best car batteryless jump starter with no need to pre-charge before the use.

With no need to pre-charge at home, the ability of working in extreme weather and amazing long lifetime, Autowit SuperCap 2 Jump Starter comes to your rescue anytime when you get stranded.

Supercapacitor Based

100% Maintenance Free

Works from 
-40℉ to 158℉

800A Peak Current

20 Years Lifespan

7.0L Gas/4.0L Diesel Engine

Supercapacitor Technology

The build-in supercapacitors allow Autowit to use the power from your weak battery and boost it to start your car at the time of a battery failure.

No batteries

No need of 

No more risks 
of spark or 

Best-performer in Extreme Weather

Traditional lithium battery is incapable in extreme weather to secure you from a car trouble but Autowit works well in extreme temperature (from-40℃/-40℉ to 70℃/158℉).

Super Duty Cycle of 20 Years 

Autowit can withstand more than 100,000 times frequently repeated use and has long lifespan up to 20 years, which beats the ordinary ones with limited charging cycles.


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